How to Build a Real Estate Website

The world is entirely changing into the digital format. Any industry will be affected by this transformation. As a real estate agent, you might have worked based on referrals, cold calls, or other traditional methods but now everything has changed over the few last years.

The real estate industry is also changing in the digital age. In the future, if the traditional methods don’t transform into a digital format, they will collapse each minute.

By using digital tools, the buyers can enter the market with more knowledge about market conditions. They can also understand what to look for in a property before even they connect to an agent.

The actual process of having a website is not complicated at all. You only need a domain, a hosting service, and a website builder like WordPress or Joomla to make everything attractive and functional.

Here we share with you the main steps of establishing a real estate website.

How To Build A Real Estate Website with WordPress

1. Register Your Domain 

The domain is your website address on the internet. Audiences and robots recognize you with your domain name thus, it must be unique. a suitable domain name should be representative and straightforward. a memorable, and representative domain can convey more information about your business.

Take, for example, these two domain names:


The first one gives you a lot of information but the second one is disputable, and you can’t extract what is really this site’s matter.

The domain is a good place to add your identity as an agent to the real estate business.

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2. Choose Suitable Hosting Provider

We need hosting space for the website. You can search and select a suitable hosting service to host your website on the internet. 

To host your website on the internet, you should go for a hosting provider and get a host in various plans.

3. Install and Use WordPress

Now you should build up your software. Today building a website is an effortless task. You can use building blogs with a flair for designing the website.

Beginners mainly use WordPress to build the real estate website. 

With word press, you have access to tons of themes that you can use and redesign for special features. You can use a massive number of plugins to add additional functions to the site.

Another benefit of the word press system is that it is mainly designed for websites as a content manager system (CMS). This kind of manager enables the websites to use content to grow the website traffic.

You don’t need coding or web development knowledge to set up WordPress. You can install word press in just a few clicks with an “auto-installer.”

4. Design & Add Features

As an agent, you know that the first impressions count much. It would help if you showed the properties in stunning glory and an attractive manner on your site.

Good looks of your website can affect the first evaluation of the audience. So design the website and select the best locations and figures to absorb the users’ eyes without bothering them.

Most of the home buyers are a bit dreamy. Make them an experience of their dreams in their minds. 

You need to provide excellent images of the properties on your website. Based on an investigation, 89% of buyers who used the internet for their home search found photos very useful.

5. IDX Powered Listing (Optional)

IDX or Internet Data Exchange is a somewhat terminology source including standards, policies, and software. If you need to deal with Multiple Listing Services (MLS), you need to adhere to guidelines on your site.

Why the Need for IDX?

When you have a website, you’ll find that gathering and integrating information from various sources can be tricky sometimes. IDX helps to incorporate the information. By using IDX, realtors can use common policies and standards for better accuracy and reliability.

IDX WordPress Themes

Word press themes have a stunning expansive range that there is something for anyone. You can use a free website builder. There are several built-in IDX compliance that you can access by using word press themes.

Word press themes provide you with IDX-ready themes from many sources.

6. Add Value: Content & Services

Place the information of the properties on your website content. You can produce comprehensive supporting information such as nearby amenities, highways, and education zones.

You should make the investors confident that you can provide some exciting forms of market reports.

An essential part of your website is CTA or your content call to action. CTA is mainly a button or a text box that you want the audiences to click or enter their email address into it. The design and shape of the CTA parts will affect your engagement, so it is better to pre[pare it thoughtfully.

7. Market Your Real Estate Website

Having a website doesn’t mean sitting there and expecting customers to flood in your website. It would help if you were sure your website was seen.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has been revolutionized over the past years. There is so much advertising space than traditional businesses in the scale just crumbled. Choose one social media platform and focus on it to promote your website and interact with audiences.

Social media has a more flexible environment than websites for interacting and communicating with prospects. Social media promotes open house showing in digital form. You can use chatbots on Facebook to have efficient communication tools to automate the responses.

How Improve SEO on my Real Estate Website

Search Engines and SEO

if search engines do not index your site, you should consider it and let Google index your website; you will see growth in your site’s visibility. This craft is called SEO and means search engine optimization. In this approach, you optimize your website for the search engines based on various aspects. SEO will help you have a better ranking in the SERP.

An efficient tactic for SEO is to make content and publish it regularly. Content production is one of the most critical crafts that can drive traffic to your website. 


The digital age changes every aspect of the business; real estate is not an exception. As a real estate agent, you can gain a lot from digital assets like websites or social media pages.

In this article, we reviewed the main steps to establishing a real estate website. 

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