With this widget, you can display your listing search on any page. Drag & drop the widget into your preferred placement and then configure the content and style settings to the left.

Please note for this widget, you should configure your specific search functionality in your listing plugin (WPL preferred).

Choose Widgets- Here, you should choose which search widget to show.

Search Tabs- Here, you can choose to show or hide the search tabs.

Padding- Here, you can adjust the padding on all sides of the content. You can choose to link the values together so that they all change together, or set custom padding for each side. You can also measure by PX, EM or percentage.

Border Radius- Here, you are able to adjust the radius of the border around the search widget.

Box Shadow- Here, you can adjust the shadow around the widget. You can choose:


-Horizontal placement

-Vertical placement

-Blur effect


-Position (outline or inset)