Depending on your business plan and strategy, membership options and pricing plans might be necessary for your website. In the Fancify theme, you can easily generate pricing packages using the Pricing Packages custom post type, which you can then add to any page using the Fancify Page Builder.

To create your own Pricing packages, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to the Pricing Packages custom post type by following this path: WordPress Admin > Pricing Packages

Step 2: Click on Add New

Step 3: Enter your post title and scroll to the Pricing options towards the bottom.

Step 4: Enter the details (Specific details are discussed below).

Step 5: Publish (or Save Draft/Schedule).

Under the Pricing options, you will find a few fields that will need to be filled. It is important to consider these fields and fill them all, as it allows the widget and package functions to display/work properly.

Pricing Options

Name- Here, you should enter the name of the package. For example, Basic, Pro, etc.

Description- Here, you can enter a short description of the package. Please note that you can enter the package features further below.

Link- Here, you can add a link to the package page, if you have created one. (It is recommended).

Price- Here, you should add the price.

Currency- Here, you can enter the currency symbol of the type of currency you would like to display.

Date Range- Here, you should enter the subscription frequency you would like to display. Such as, week, month, year, etc.

Items- Here, you can list the items or features that are included in your package.