After activating Fancify, you will be able to import some predefined demo data to help inspire the creation of your own website or to simply offer some guidance. To import a demo follow below steps:

  1. Important: Before you install the demo you should make the edits to your wp-config.php file, as described in the WordPress Installation section.
  2. Follow this path to view the demos: WordPress Admin > Fancify > Demo Importer
  3. From this page, you may preview demos and import demos. Once you have decided on a demo, click “Import”
  4. After choosing the demo, you may be asked to install some required plugins.
  5. Wait for the import to be completed. Do not refresh or navigate to a new page during this process. It can take up to 15 minutes. Once the demo has been imported, you should receive a message that says, “Demo Imported Successfully”