The testimonial widget allows you to place helpful testimonials and reviews from your clients on any page. Simply drag & drop the widget into your preferred placement and configure the content and style settings to the left.

Content Options:

Repeater List- On the repeater list, you will find the testimonials that will show in your Testimonial slider. To edit a testimonial, click on the Title of that testimonial.

Content- Here, you can add the testimonial content.

Client Image- Here, you can add the image of the client or the company making the testimonial.

Name- Here, you can add the name of the entity making the testimonial.

Position- Here, you can add the position of the entity making the testimonial.

Link- Here, you should enter the link you would like the button to direct to. You can also choose to open in a new window and add nofollow link by clicking on the “link options” button.

Style Options:

Previous/Next Button/Margins- Here, you can adjust the margins on all sides of the content. You can choose to link the values together so that they all change together, or set custom margins for each side. You can also measure by PX, EM or percentage.

Image Size- Here, you can adjust the size of the image

Border Type- Here, you can choose to add a border type to your image. If you choose a border type, you will be able to adjust the color and width of the border.

Border Radius- Here, you are able to adjust the radius of the border around the image.

Color- Here, you can select the color of your text by moving your mouse through the color chart, as well as adjusting the tone/opacity sliders to the right. You can also enter a specific color code. You can customize the color of:




Typography- Here, you will be able to adjust everything regarding the font of your text. You can choose:

-Font Family

-Font Size

-Weight (the level of thickness of the letters)

-Transform (letter cases)



-Line Height (the line spacing)

-Letter Spacing

You can customize the typography of: