The newsletter widget allows users to add a dynamic newsletter form to any page. Drag & drop this widget into any place on the editor and then configure the content and style settings to the left.

Content Options:

Button Label- Here, you can enter the text you would like to show on the button.

Input Placeholder- Here, you can enter the text you would like to show in the text field.

Alignment- Here, you can choose how your text should be aligned within the column you placed the widget.

Style Options:

Typography- Here, you will be able to adjust everything regarding the font of your text. You can choose:

-Font Family

-Font Size

-Weight (the level of thickness of the letters)

-Transform (letter cases)



-Line Height (the line spacing)

-Letter Spacing

You will be able to set typography for:



Color- Here, you can select the color of your text by moving your mouse through the color chart, as well as adjusting the tone/opacity sliders to the right. You can also enter a specific color code. You can customize the color of:




Background Type- Here, you can choose whether to have a “normal,” background (solid) or a gradient background.


Color- you can choose a color as described above.

Image- you can choose an image for your background, if you choose.


Location- you can choose the location in which the gradient should begin.

Second Color- you should choose a 2nd color for the gradient.

Second Location- you can choose the location in which the 2nd gradient should begin.

Type- You can choose between a linear gradient and a radius gradient. If you choose radius, you will have the option to choose the position the gradient will appear.

Angle- if you have chosen a linear gradient background type, you can choose the angle at which the gradient will appear. For example, 0 (degrees) would be directly underneath, 90 (degrees) would be directly from the left, 180 (degrees) would be directly from the top, and 280 (degrees) would be directly from the right.

Box Shadow- Here, you can adjust the shadow around the widget. You can choose:


-Horizontal placement

-Vertical placement

-Blur effect


-Position (outline or inset)

Mouse Over- Here, you can choose to have a “normal,” mouse over effect, or a hover effect, in which case, you should set a hover animation.