Dashboard Widget provides a page for your clients ( including agents and agencies ) with a dashboard page dedicated for controlling all they have in your website.

Widget Settings

Widget Settings are quite straight forward:

Show Edit Profile: You Can disable the tab which will remove the this part from view of you client.

Property Submission: With this option you can completely remove Add New Property Tab and therefore not allowing Users with lower access submit any property.

Property Listing: If showing Property Listings of user is not desirable for you in any circumstances just disable this option.

Favorite: Turns off the Fav tab.

Detailed information about each tab includes major categories of below

  1. My Profile
  2. Add New Property
  3. My Property List
  4. Favorite List

1- My Profile Tab

This tab is dedicated to all information your clients need to fill in your website. verity of details is included in this part which namely are as below

  • Personal info
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Gender
  • Professional Info
    • Company Name
    • Company Address
  • Socials
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • Skype
  • Contact info
    • Tel
    • Fax
    • Mobile
    • Email
  • Others
    • Website
    • About me
  • Location Info
    • Country
    • State
    • County
    • City
    • Zipcode

Customers are also able to upload their Personal Picture, Company Logo and Company Cover Image which can be shown on the banner section of their single agent page.

2- Add New Property

Using this part your clients can add new properties. The basic information they can fill are the ones which will satisfy most customers. Yet if they need more custom fields you always can add your own fields from wpl dashboard – flex settings( e.g. you can add more property types like studio by your self. most other parts are the same ).

  • Don’t forget you always need to press Finalize Button after each edit you make on your property otherwise it would be kept as draft one and not be shown to viewers.
  • Description has its own save button which you need to click on to save your data for this part

Here below is the brief details about each part.

Basic Details: According to its name, here you can enter your property’s basic details. Except the ones with * the other parts are arbitrary to be field.

Here are the extra info you may need in some parts

  • Property Title is heading name of your property in pages. If you don’t fill this part, system automatically will combine Property Type and Country as title of your property.
  • Property Page Title is the title on the browser tab and also your address bar. This holds very important role owing to google and other search engines will see this one. if you don’t fill it, it would be the combination of Property Type Beds and Price.
  • Meta Descriptions & Keywords are also for SEO optimization as well.

Features: Add your desired features of your property here. You are also able to add custom rooms by the fields on top of this part.

  • Enter a number from 50 to +450 in Energy Tag field to indicate how much energy your property uses

Appliances: Tell Viewers what appliances your Property have. Some of these gives you more options like what kind of Internet you support( Wifi, Cable, .. )

  • Remember you can always have more checkboxes from WPL Plugin dashboard – Flex

Address Map: As you can see in picture, all you need to show the location of your property is included in this part. Map Below is also provided in the Property Page for your customers.

  • if you fill country state and street. the map below will find your property’s location automatically.

Neighborhood: Is a small scale build in feature which provides you with distance of public facilities from your property which is super useful for customers.

Image Gallery: You can upload pictures of your property here to demonstrate how your property looks.

  • Don’t Upload too huge pictures. But also don’t be strict in magnification. We have options to crop your picture on desired size in the related Elementor widgets.
  • There are types of picture to select here which you can use to tell if the picture is floorplan and therefore we will handle using it for other purposes.

Attachments: This also has the same structure as Image Gallery with different select options for pdf, doc …

Video: fill the title and description if you want, and copy your Video Embed code from YouTube here to represent your property.


<iframe width='560' height='350' src='http://Your-youtube-Link.com' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen></iframe>

You can copy exact code and enter your own link in Src part.

Specialist: check a desired badge for your property if you need one. Hot Offer e.g.

  • Open House gives your extra option to fill dates host is accepting visitors.

Virtual Tour: Enter Your Virtual Tour Embed code here from provider you desire and we will make sure it will be shown properly.

3- My Property List

This Tab Shows all Properties Created by user. This part is designed for customers with lower permissions so they are not able to edit or remove properties here. Users with higher access can login to admin panel of WordPress and make desired change from there.

4- Favorite

Users are able to see their Favorite List here.