With Fancify, users can add blog widgets to different parts of their website easily using two different methods, the Fancify widget and the Elementor widget.

Fancify Recent Posts Widget: To navigate to the Fancify widget options, follow this path: WordPress Admin > Appearance > Widgets. On this page, you will find different widget options on the left, that you are able to place into website placements which are found on the right.

Step 1: Scroll until you find the “Fancify- Recent posts” widget.

Step 2: Place the widget into any website placement option to the right using drag & drop.

Step 3: Expand the widget and enter the appropriate text into the fields.

Step 4: Click “Done”

Here you will be able to set the title of the widget, the number of posts that will show, as well as whether to display or hide post date and featured image.

Elementor Editor Recent Posts Widget

Another method to place blog widgets into specific places on specific pages, is to use the Widget in the Elementor editor. To navigate to this option, follow this path: WordPress Admin > Pages > Edit Page With Elementor. On this page, you will find many different widgets and customization options that you can simply drag and drop into place in the live designer to the right.

Step 1: Scroll through the widget options until you see the “RTP Category” group.

Step 2: Find “Recent Posts” and drag and drop the widget into the preferred placement.

Step 3: Select the widget in the live design and Configure the appropriate settings on the left.

Step 4: Finalize your preferred settings and click “Publish” or “Update”

Step 5: Repeat this process on all pages you would like to add the widget to.

In the elementor options, you will be able to select the number of columns you would like to include, as well as the number of posts you would like to show. In the additional options, you can choose to show or hide the date, category, author, and divider shape.

You also have options to modify the style of the content and advanced design settings with these Elementor tools.