Blogs are really important to a functioning, lead generating website. Under the Fancify theme, users are able to utilize a number of helpful tools to customize and configure their blog including general settings, page options, layout, sidebar, and widgets. Here we will go through all the details regarding the Blog features in Fancify.

Blog Customizer Options

In the Blog Customizer, users are able to customize different aspects regarding the blog such as: the blog page, single posts and the blog sidebar. To navigate to these options, follow this path: WordPress Admin > Appearance > Customizer > Fancify Blog.

Don’t Forget: when you are content with the customizations you have made, be sure to publish, schedule or save your changes as a draft.

Blog Page Customizer Options

Featured Media: In this section, users can choose to show or hide the featured images and videos.

Image Height & Width: If the users choose to show their featured media for blogs, they will be able to set custom dimensions and automatically crop images. If the actual dimensions of the image are smaller than the set number, the dimension of the image will remain unchanged.

Pagination Type: In this section, users can choose the way blogs will load on the page. If users choose the “Load More” option, a button will appear at the bottom of the page which will load more blogs when clicked.

Read More Text: Every blog post shows a preview of the content inside. In this section, users are able to enter their preferred text into the button that appears under each blog.

Post Number in Load More: If users choose the “Load More” pagination type, they will be able to set a custom number of posts to load each time the button is clicked.