The Fancify theme allows users to add not only agent profiles, but also Agency profiles. Agency pages are useful for displaying brokerages on a franchise website, teams, regional offices, or other groups. To create these profiles with all necessary information, you should add a custom post. You can then create a custom Template for these agencies in the Template Builder and apply these layouts as default for all of your agencies.

To create your Agency profile, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Agency profile posts by following this path: WordPress Admin > Agency

Step 2: Click on Add New Agency

Step 3: Complete the appropriate fields (explained in detail below).

Step 4: Click Publish (or Save draft or Schedule).

There are 3 sections of content you should enter to complete your Agency profiles. Completing these fields allows all of these widgets in the Agency Template Builder to integrate properly.  

Agency Details

Logo- Here, you should upload your agency logo.

Title- Here, you should give your agency page a title. Typically this would bethe name of the agency/team.

Establish Date- Here, you can add the date your agency was established.

Agency Description- Here, you can add any kind of description, or text to introduce your agency.

Agency Contacts

Phone Number- Here, you can enter you agency main number.

Mobile Phone Number- Here, you can enter a mobile or secondary number for your agency.

Fax- Here, you can enter you agency fax number.

Email- Here, you can enter your agency email address.

Address- Here, you can enter the office address of your agency.

Location- Here, you can enter and confirm the physical location of your agency on a map (which is required for the Google Maps widget).

Agency Socials

Website- Here, you should enter the website address of your agency.

Facebook- Here, you can add the link to your agency Facebook page.

Twitter- Here, you can add the link to your agency Twitter page.

Pinterest- Here, you can add the link to your agency Pinterest page.

Skype- Here, you can add your agency Skype account name.

Once everything is complete, click publish to create your new agency page. Please remember that many of the Agency Builder widgets rely on the information you enter here, such as title, description, contact information, location (Google Maps) and socials.